Cabinet of Curiosities


  • Youth Board (Manchester Museum)


The result of a collaboration with Manchester Museum Youth Board, this project saw a set of plain white lockers, situated in the museum foyer, revamped and reinterpreted as a 'cabinet of curiosities'. The project served to both highlight the work of the Youth Board, and improve visitors' first impressions of the foyer space.


Featuring images and text about some of the Youth Board's favourite natural history and cultural specimens, the design solution embraced the idea of mirroring a large case display of eclectic objects. Particular attention was paid to the details of perspective, allowing the once individual lockers to, at first glance, appear as a single piece of furniture.

Devised as wrap-around vinyls, the double sided visuals also feature a short piece of narrative on the inside of the door, letting visitors know why the object was selected and where they can find it in the Museum.

The solution equally considered practicality and usability, with the outline of each of the locker doors clearly defined, and locker key fobs in eye-catching yellow.

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Cabinet of Curiosities - lockers view 1
Cabinet of Curiosities - lockers elevation-before
Cabinet of Curiosities - lockers elevation-after
Cabinet of Curiosities - lockers detail 1
Cabinet of Curiosities - lockers detail 3
Cabinet of Curiosities - lockers detail 2

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