Clippy Island




Clippy Island, a science-based resource for key stage 4 children is a collaborative project for the BBSRC. Devised by an expert team of scientists, educators and curators, the educational pack teaches participants about Natural Selection, through the format of an engaging activity-based learning experience.

Commissioned to design and produce the identity and graphic direction for the activity 'Clippy Island', including a resource pack, student worksheets, teacher guidance notes, score sheets and team signage, the design requirements included design, illustration and infographics.

Using the resource narrative - a fictitious colony of bean eating birds - and the science based context as a starting point, the resulting design solution was colourful and engaging, while also being relevant, informative and cohesive across the range of elements. Heavy text based sections were carefully composed and visually balanced with a fresh colour palette and clean layout.

Clear navigation markers, headers and page numbers were introduced to aid usability, while all instructions were illustrated with step-by-step visuals. The final pack, designed in A4, was then formatted as the downloadable resource 'Clippy Island: An Investigation into Natural Selection'.

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