Gifts for the Gods: Animal Mummies Revealed


  • Manchester Museum


'Gifts for the Gods: Animal Mummies Revealed' brings together a variety of objects including over 60 Egyptian animal mummies, taxidermy, and 19th Century artworks and archives. Alongside cutting edge university research and study materials, Gifts for the Gods uncovers how and why ancient Egyptians mummified animals.


Commissioned by Manchester Museum to create their independent stand-alone marketing materials, with additional brand guidelines, our approach focused on the concept of light and dark and the client's desire to create a striking, image-led visual featuring a strong identity with key objects from the exhibition.

We developed a stacked identity featuring rounded letterforms and a horizontal rule; playing on the idea of 'above' and 'below' to evoke a sense of the divine nature of the subject.

Working with photographer Paul Cliff, key objects were dramatically captured – half exposed in a pool of light revealing recognisable forms and beautiful textures.

Developed for use across print, large format, exhibition and digital elements the resulting combination of image and graphic creates a sense of drama, scale and intrigue.

Gifts for the Gods: Animal Mummies Revealed is a touring exhibition. Supported by the Wellcome Trust and The Leverhulme Trust. In partnership with National Museums Liverpool, Glasgow Museums and The University of Manchester

  • Original photography: Paul Cliff
  • Ibis device: Andrew Gibbs, PWO

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Gifts for the Gods - Identity
Gifts for the Gods - Poster
gftg - Jackal photo
gftg - Lamp post pennant
gftg - Courtyard Poster
gftg - Private View invite
Gifts for the Gods - Brand guidelines

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