Siberia: At the Edge of the World


  • Manchester Museum


Seeking to dispel the long-held myths surrounding this vast geographical region, the exhibition 'Siberia at the Edge of the World' combines natural history specimens, cultural objects and striking imagery to tell the story of Siberia; its people, culture and nature.

Commissioned to create the design campaign, the idea of 'revealing the unexpected' provided the starting point.


Keen to not divulge the full story, nor to create a visual reflective of propaganda, a carefully considered combination of image and typography was determined. The identity and typography are contemporary and controlled with the selected typeface specifically intended to evoke a Russian aesthetic. Working with photographer Paul Cliff, exquisite macro photography of an exhibition specimen was captured, developed and worked to create the image of a bear. A symbol culturally significant to Russia and equally recognisable as an animal in its own right, the resulting graphic served to directly communicate the Russian themed content of the exhibition and reflect the exhibition location in a natural history museum. In context, the graphic plays on negative space, interpreting it as a white landscape that 'reveals' the bear and encourages a closer look.

Developed fully for application across a range of promotional marketing elements, the campaign included print collateral, large format graphics, advertising and a 60 sec feature.

  • Original specimen photography: Paul Cliff

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