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'Stories from the Road' sees collaborators cities@manchester and author Sarah Butler mapping and celebrating the stories of people who live, work and travel along Oxford Road, to build a multi-layered picture of this rapidly changing part of Manchester.


Commissioned by cities@manchester to create an awareness campaign, we combined the ideas of people and urban space; playing with the idea of maps, markers and locations to create the campaign identity and a mix-and-match series of 'pin-people' characters. Urban backdrops, photographed along Oxford Road itself, provided a sense of place. The awareness campaign was rolled out through print, digital and a 30 sec screen animation for Corridor Manchester.

The stories can be found at:

  • Background/texture photography: Paul Hartland

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Stories from the Road - Identity
sftr - Postcards front
sftr - Postcards back
sftr - detail 1
sftr - poster
sftr - pin people

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