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Following their successful HLF-funded project 'Looking through a Lens' which focussed on digitising three key collections and engaging the community with their work, Kendal Museum wanted to capture their innovative project, while in parallel create a tool to continue to increase visitor engagement and showcase their wide and diverse collections.

Commissioned to create a bespoke piece of print, the idea of the Museum as a 'treasure trove of wonder' provided the conceptual starting point.


Keen to acknowledge Kendal Museum's rich heritage and history, while at the same time communicating their forward thinking approach to sharing collections through pioneering digital practices, our focus was on visually capturing the idea of this small Museum as the guardian of many and varied 'treasures'.

Our resulting approach combined a Victorian inspired aesthetic with a contemporary use of colour, imagery and format. Featuring a refined, yet intriguing front cover with title graphic and texture reminiscent of an old leather bound book, the brochure opens to reveal a cascade of colour, imagery and information. Hand illustrated serif titles are a nod to Victorian print, while a contemporary sans-serif body copy is modern and legible.

Devised as an A5, featuring a range of papers (coated and uncoated) and a full pull-out centre spread, the finished brochure creates a tactile and immersive experience for the reader, and provides an intriguing glimpse into Kendal Museum's work and collections.

Thank you to all who gave permission for use of images in 'Treasures at Kendal Museum':

  • George Samuel Platt, Dayve Ward, Tony Riley, Paul Hartland, Janette Phillips, Carol Klemperer and Cherrie Trelogan

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Treasures at Kendal Museum cover detail
Treasures at Kendal Museum booklet
Treasures inside cover detail
Treasures intro detail
Treasures image strip detail
Treasures page title detail
Treasures banner page detail
Treasures banners foldout
Treasures spread detail
Treasures squared images detail
Treasures inside back cover detail
Treasures fanned pages

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